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Which started once with a manageable, gastronomy offer, became nowadays a successful and traditional family business in Mainz and the top-selling privately owned hotel of Rheinland-Pfalz:
50 years ago, exactly the 15th April 1971, the gastronome couple Eberhard und Kristina Barth overtook the so called Stadtparkrestaurant Favorite as tenants of the Allianz, who built the Favorite during the sixties. In the following years, the house was more and more growing. The great visions and ideas of Anja and Christian Barth emboss the today's Favorite.

An incredible amount of courage, ambition and especially lifeblood put both of them into their house - with great success!

Therefore, they have been awarded as Hotelier of the Year in 2019.

And this successful story does not cut off: the third generation already moved in the Favorite. The both daughters Julia und Anna are creatively and personally managing the total department marketing and social media.

We are looking forward to your visit in Mainz!

Ihre Gastgeber, drei Generationen der Familie Barth

Who is working strongly,
should rest in an appropriate manner! 

Already in 1792 after the coronation of the emperor Franz Joseph Karl, which took place at the Fürstentag in Frankfurt, he afterwards went to the Lustschloss Favorite.


Elector Franz Lothar von Schönborn chose the Rhine bank as the location for his Lustschloss Favorite.


Stadtpark Restaurant: Kristina and Eberhard Barth - the couple rented the Favorite during this time from the Allianz.


FAVORITE wird Eigentum: Barths kaufen das Stadt­park­restaurant und erweitern es um die Sonnenterasse und Veranstaltungs­räume.


Anbau des Hotels im Rheinflügel – es wurden 43 Zimmer errichtet.


Es wurde ein neuer Bankettbereich gebaut.


Bau des Schwimmbadbereich.


Anja and Christian rent "Die Gastronomie im Parlhotel"


Purchase and adoption of the business by Anja and Christian Barth


Bau des Parkflügels und 80 neue Zimmer. Insgesamt 123 Zimmer.


Hotelhund Don kam zur Familie.


Bau des Hofgut Laubenheimer Höhe.


Additional 21 new rooms were built and the conference center was converted. Now, the hotel counts 144 rooms.

since 2017

Die beiden Töchter Anna und Julia Barth steigen mit in das Geschäft von unterschiedlichen Standorten ein.

Im Hintergrund sind Sie für zu Hause von verschiedenen Standorten tätig.


Awarded »Hotelier of the Year«.


Kompletter Umbau der Hotelhalle, der Zimmer im Rheinflügel und der Küche

Julia Barth steigt fest mit in den Betrieb als Sales & Marketing Managerin ein.


Hotel dog Mogli enters the family

50 years of experience!

Environmental protection &

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