The most beautiful wedding photos have been shot in Mainz in the city park for years. Just outside our gates. Why not celebrate the great festival of your life right away? The FAVORITE Park hotel and the Hofgut Laubenheimer Höhe are the wedding location in Mainz. What can be more romantic than seeing the couple go hand in hand through the park on the day of the wedding? In the most beautiful locations, both hold their own in the gleaming sunlight and give photographers the opportunity to capture the wonderful moment for posterity. To celebrate this most wonderful day of happiness with friends and family is the occasion for many to join FAVORITE Park hotel and the Hofgut Laubenheimer Höhe. In the court yard, the festival has 750 square meters of space to expand. High above the rooftops of Mainz with a view over the river Rheinhessen and the entire Rhine-Main area, it can be celebrated well in the wedding location.